Daily Assignments

  • Discuss syllabus/website/expectations
  • Overview of textbook.
  • Read pages 1-4 in preparation for discussion/activity next time.

  • Discuss Henry Louis Gates article (pgs. 2-4)
  • Complete 8 of the 12 questions from the Brainstorming Activity handout.


  • Open Note Quiz
  • Complete the Introduction assessment handout from last time.
  • Review pg. 53 & 54 of textbook
  • Begin writing introduction.

  • Turn in planning sheet/introduction
  • Chapter 3/4 notes
  • Open note quiz over today's notes TOMORROW
  • Begin first draft of Personal Statement.

  • Complete Personal Statement and turn in edited draft by the end of the hour.
  • Complete college exploration handouts. You must investigate at least TWO colleges.

  • Scan ch. 6 (pg. 97-100) & ch 7 (151-154)
  • Use the pages above to answer the questions on first page of handout.
  • Notes over Narration/Description chapters
  • Read Narrative/Descriptive article on page 176 of textbook and answer question on handout.
  • Work on TV show/life stage analysis assignment with assigned groups (if absent, see Mrs. Coulter for assigned group.)

  • Work on Narrative/Descriptive paragraphs and begin putting the group essay together.

  • Finish essays and read/vote on winner.
  • Take notes over Ch. 8 - Exemplification.
  • Read the essay on pages 228-230 together and discuss Qs 2, 4 from Purpose and Audience, Qs 1-4 from Style and Structure and the Combining the Patterns Q on p. 231...
  • Homework: read essay on pages 240-23 for next time...and Comprehension Qs 1-5, Purpose and Audience, 1,2,4, and Style and Structure 3.
  • Open Notes Quiz Friday over notes on Ch. 8


  • Choose one topic for exemplification essay from list on pg. 261. (1,2,3,8 suggested)
  • View outline on pg. 216. Create similar outline (Thesis, 3 subject areas, 9 examples). Have outline checked by Mrs. Coulter before you begin writing.
  • Essay (due at the end of hour 9/26) requirements:
    • 1-2 pages
    • MLA Style
    • Appropriate title
    • Be prepared to share your essay on Monday.


  • Work with partner to complete process paragraph assignment

  • Patterns of Writing Review Activity
  • Choose ONE subject and write a short sample that illustrates your knowledge of the important aspects of each pattern of writing we've discussed in class so far. Your short writing samples don't need to be more than a few sentences, but they should all be directly related to the same subject. (See peanut butter examples on the handout linked above).

  • Seniors: Sign up for class officer positions! Voting will take place on Thursday during senior class meeting.
  • Final opportunity to complete make up work for Quarter 1.
  • Work on group vocabulary review/preview activity.

  • Continue working on vocabulary review/preview activity

  • Cause and Effect Notes: Part One
  • Read "The 'Black Table' Is Still There" as a class and discuss Comprehension #2-5, P/A 1, 2, 4, S/S 1, 3
  • Homework: "The Case Against Air Conditioning" and do questions: Comp 2,3...P/A 3, 4. S/S 1, 4

  • Notes over Chapter 10: Part Two (Quiz next time)
  • Work on Cause/Effect Poetry assignment

  • Cause and Effect Review
  • Open Note Quiz over Chapter 10: Cause and Effect Notes
  • Complete Cause/Effect Social Issue Poem
  • Finish vocabulary matching assignment
  • Choose a recent piece of writing (poem, pattern examples, process paragraph, etc.), revise it, and be prepared to share it in class next time.


  • Discuss Evaluating Compare/Contrast handout
  • Open Note Quiz over Compare/Contrast
  • Create outline for Compare/Contrast essay. -- Lab time to write essay on Thursday.

  • Work on Compare/Contrast essay in computer lab.


  • Have someone peer edit your essay and make appropriate corrections.
  • Turn in updated draft with works cited by end of hour.


Final Argumentation Essay Requirement and updated due dates.

§ Remember, argumentative essays:

  • o Take a stand on an issue
  • o Have a debatable thesis
  • o Use evidence to support position
  • o Summarize and refute opposing arguments
  • o Use inductive or deductive reasoning (or both)

§ Essays should:o be 3-4 pages in length
o use at least 2 sources
o be in MLA format with a Works Cited page
o be turned in by the end of the hour on Tuesday, December 16th

§ There will also be incremental assignments and due dates:
  • o TOPIC and THESIS – Monday, Dec. 8th
  • o SOURCES – Tuesday, Dec. 9th
  • o OUTLINE and INTRODUCTION – Thursday, Dec. 11th
  • o FIRST DRAFT – Monday, Dec. 15th
  • o FINAL DRAFT – Tuesday, Dec. 16th